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  • Product summary: Sindo decorative plywood is fit for room decoration. It can be used to make furniture items and various other home accessories. This plywood is...

Decorative Plywood

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Sindo is a professional plywood manufacturer in China. We specialize in the production of commercial plywood, door plywood, decorative plywood, polyester plywood, high pressure lamination (HPL) plywood, and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) plywood.

Plywood is a carefully engineered wood product. It is made of thin sheets of wood, known as plies. Currently plywood is widely used as a furniture material and packaging material. Besides, it can also be used to decorate aero planes, trains, vehicles, and buildings, just to name a few.

Because of its high resistance to cracking, shrinking, warping, and high strength, plywood is a good substitute for plain wood. Additionally, plywood can be produced in the form of very wide sheets, making it a preferred choice in comparison to the use of many dimensional lumbers in various construction applications.

1. Long grain plywood: surface grain is parallel to the long side of the board.
2. Cross grain plywood: surface grain is parallel to the short side of the board.
3. Exterior plywood: are weather resistant, water resistant and humidity resistant.
4. Type 1 plywood: with wear resistant, weather resistant, and steam treatment. Suitable for outdoor applications.
5. Interior plywood: designed for used in interior applications.
6. Type 2 plywood: can withstand immersion in cold water or short-term hot water immersion.
7. Type 3 plywood: are moisture resistant and can withstand short-term immersion in cold water. They are ideal for indoor use.
8. Type 4 plywood: has a high level of bonding strength and is used for normal indoor applications.
9. Structural plywood: stable and workable, with limited mechanical performance requirements.
10. Star plywood: veneer grain is arranged in a star shape.

Founded in 2002, Sindo is an experienced plywood supplier in China. In addition to the production of plywood, we also manufacture other wood-based products, such as medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard, hardboard, and blockboar. These products have been awarded the SONCAP,CE and FSC® certificates. Due to their high quality and low prices, our wood products are well received in the global market, in countries such as the USA, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and more.
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