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  • Product summary: Melamine hardboard is a fiberboard whose surface is covered by a layer of melamine veneer. This hardboard is of good physical properties...

Melamine Hardboard

Category Description :

Hardboard is a type of fiberboard that is also known as high-density fiberboard. It is made out of exploded wood fibers that have been highly compressed. This process makes the wood product denser, stronger and harder than the medium-density fiberboard and low-density fiberboard. The density of hardboard is 930~950kg/m3. Unlike particle boards, hardboards do not split or crack, and do not require additional materials in the bonding of the wood fibers. Our Hardboard is produced in a wet process, and is designed to have one smooth side (the back is mesh finished).
Sindo hardboard has many uses. It is widely used in furniture making, construction activities, flooring, for home appliances etc.“

Common Specifications
Breadth (mm): 610x1220, 915x1830, 915x2135, 1000x2000, 1220x1830, 1220x2440
Thickness (mm): 2.5mm~ 5.0mm

Established in 2002, Sindo is a China hardboard manufacturer and supplier. We are able to provide a comprehensive line of wood-bases products, including film faced plywood, MDF, HDF, Hardboard, blockboard and more. These products have been awarded the SONCAP,CE and FSC® certificates. Due to their superior quality and economical prices, our products are very popular in global market, with customers in the USA, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru etc.
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