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MDF board, or medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product. It is produced to high technical specifications, with a fine and smooth surface. This plain MDF board is available in different sizes and thickness to suit a wide range of applications. Currently it is primarily used to construct wooden floors, doors, partitions, furniture and more.

Specifications for MDF Board
1. Wood species used: majorly poplar, mixed some hardwood
2. Density: 730~750KG/M3
3. Colors: light white
4. Thickness: From 2.0mm to 25mm
5. Glue: moisture resistant (MR), E1, E2

Formed in 2002, Sindo is a medium-density fiberboard manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply a wide spectrum of wood products including film faced plywood, high density fiberboard, hardboard, and blockboard etc. Our products are SONCAP, CE and FSC® certified, and very popular in the USA, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, among others.

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